Firefox Crashing

Christopher Chan christopher.chan at
Fri Jun 12 06:48:03 UTC 2009

> There is no problem with XP.
> However, we think it might be a memory problem.
Er...if you really have a memory problem, XP should also be affected.

> He has 3GB of ram.
Well...maybe XP did not hit the problem area...but...

> After each crash the browser crashed faster and faster.
> I haven't heard back from him yet but, I told him that after the next 
> crash to NOT select the Restore Tabs option on Firefox. I think it was 
> eating up memory.

Tell him to run dmesg after a crash and see whether there was a OOM 
message. Or check the logs. But since you say pidgin does the same, I 
suspect corrupted gtk libraries. Any gtk based program should have 
similar problems.

Try using Konquerer to browse the Internet and see whether it crashes.

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