GNU/Linux? Was: Re: OT: Corel Linux (hijacked from Re: Chrome on Ubuntu)

Rashkae ubuntu at
Thu Jun 11 23:37:41 UTC 2009

Cybe R. Wizard wrote:
> I took my 'troll' to Usenet and alt.os.linux.ubuntu (what a quagmire!)
> where a nice fellow, John F. Morse, sent me this link:
> which shows that the combination of GNU and Linux did, indeed, once
> carry the term, Linux/GNU/X and also (once used by RMS) Lignux (which I
> suspect is pronounced, "lee-gnewx").
> Since the controversy (yes, there really is one) still rages on I guess
> I'm going to throw my own mostly inconsiderable weight behind Lignux.
> Look at that, I got a brand new system just by asking a trolling
> question!
> Cybe R. Wizard -once again, sorry for the noise


sorry if my Trolling 'accusation' was a bit strong, (and turns out,
unfounded)... it's just that I was peripherally aware of people who do
take this kind of thing all too seriously and had apocalyptic visions of
another 100+ post thread here.

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