Firefox Crashing

Wade Smart wadesmart at
Thu Jun 11 15:32:54 UTC 2009

Chan Chung Hang Christopher wrote:
> Wade Smart wrote:
>> 20090611 0833 GMT-5
>> My friend just sent me a email saying he has a problem with this computer.
>> Has been dual booting XP and Ubuntu 8.04 for over a year without any 
>> problems. Last night he turned off his system and this morning when he 
>> turned it back on he has crazy troubles under ubuntu.
>> His browsers keep crashing - as in, open it up, go to any page, the page 
>> might load, it might not, and the app closes.
> Does he have any problems in Windows XP? If not, then it is not a 
> hardware issue.
>> Pidgin is doing the same. He will open a window to me, post a message - 
>> and immediately go offline. Then a few message attempt later, he wont go 
>> off line, I can see the message but he cant see any posted response back.
>> He emailed me this from Firefox:
>> *** glibc detected *** /usr/lib/firefox-3.0.10/firefox: double free or 
>> corruption (fasttop): 0xb18e9098 ***
>> ======= Backtrace: =========
>> /lib/tls/i686/cmov/[0xb7da7454]
>> /lib/tls/i686/cmov/[0xb7da94b6]
>> /usr/lib/[0xb3706503]
>> /lib/[0xb0860289]
>> /usr/lib/[0xb3706621]
>> /lib/[0xb088b7a8]
>> /lib/[0xb088bd8f]
>> /lib/[0xb07cb281]
>> /lib/[0xb07cc3f2]
>> /lib/[0xb0885ac5]
>> /lib/[0xb0824767]
>> /lib/[0xb0827375]
>> /lib/[0xb0829e4d]
>> /lib/[0xb07c7555]
>> /lib/[0xb07c7853]
>> /lib/tls/i686/cmov/li
> I am inclined to think that he either has corrupted files or has been 
> rooted. Unfortunately, there is no builtin checksum capability like what 
> you get with rpm packages so at this moment, I do not have any 
> suggestions on how he can verify that his files are intact.

20090611 1031 GMT-5

There is no problem with XP.
However, we think it might be a memory problem.
He has 3GB of ram.
After each crash the browser crashed faster and faster.
I haven't heard back from him yet but, I told him that after the next 
crash to NOT select the Restore Tabs option on Firefox. I think it was 
eating up memory.

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