Failure loading Ubuntu

Colin Law clanlaw at
Thu Jun 11 12:35:22 UTC 2009

2009/6/6  <rsbotha at>:
> I have attempted to load Ubuntu 9.04 on a Celeron PC without success. The
> PC has a DVD writer, 32Mb RAM, plenty Gigs hard drive.
> I tried booting "Mint" on the same system with the same results.
> The following happened:
> The DVD booted from Windows XP "restart"
> Choose Language
> English
> The Ubuntu logo appeared and both the DVD drive operated.
> Eventually the Ubuntu screen background appeared.
> The curser arrow appeared, but was unmovable.
> After a few minutes the arrow became movable.
> After this, nothing happened; The dvd drive and the hard drive were
> static. The Ubuntu screen background remained.

I don't think 32MB is enough.
suggests absolute min of 64 with recommended 384.  I have used 8.10 on
192MB but it was not a good experience.


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