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Christopher Chan wrote:
>> 	You got it right! Follow the money and you see where names come from
>> and who wins. I think Ubuntu is a lot closer to Unix than the Unix
>> people will admit. But Ubuntu is free and that doesn't count.
> Ubuntu being free has nothing to do with it and nor does lineage. Mac OS 
> X is mach kernel based OS and yet its latest version Leopard and Snow 
> Leopard is considered UNIX because it is UNIX certified.
> Ubuntu will never be UNIX certified because it is a GNU userland 
> operating system and GNU = GNU is NOT UNIX and thus its difference in 
> behaviour in some places will never get it full UNIX compliance. Ubuntu 
> could be UNIX certified and still be free if 1) it is UNIX compliant and 
> 2) Canonical paid for the tests to get UNIX certification.

	As I said at the beginning Ubuntu can't get Official Unix without
spending big bucks getting that so-called UNIX certification. I really
do not think GNU is a problem.

73 Karl

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