Remote access setup

arnaud mezenga somaunn kernelcg at
Tue Jun 9 00:53:41 UTC 2009

Hello everyone,

I'm having a this case i want to solve:
I got one central PC running jaunty that store everything i have
(docs,music etc...). I actually want to setup a kind of remote access
that will allow me to access the content of that pc when i'm far from
home. Is there any application that can allow me to that (thinking of
something like radmin on wan setup - if i'm right) then i'll store and
browse the content of my home pc from anywhere in this world,through
the internet. Is a VPN a right solution for doing that or just an
additional fonction or stack to the global structure.

Thanks for help

PS. All of this must allow me get connected on the central home PC
throught the internet

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