Fresh 9.04 install - no "Ubuntu" splash (solved)]

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> Mark Kirkwood wrote:
>> So, after sorting the above issues,  a functioning system was arrived at 
>> - with one glitch: no "Ubuntu" splash image whilst booting. I've done 
>> the obvious:
>> 1/ md5sum of the .iso (ok)
>> 2/ run "update-grub" - and while it states "Searching for splash image 
>> ... none found"... my upgraded from 8.10 systems say the same thing (and 
>> they do show the image).
> Ok, figured this out (thanks to a suggestion from one of the guys at work).
> It turns out that the splash image was being shown - but most of it was 
> off the display. The screen is a HP 20" (1680x1050) widescreen, and 
> after fooling around with various vga= options in the boot line I got to 
> see the splash image (but not centered correctly). Looks like this 
> screen does not support some of the later VESA modes... so for now I've 
> just removed the whole splash business and let it show the boot messages.
> Useful article here:

I have the same-spec monitor as you (HP w2007) that syncs to its native 
1680x1050 automatically, having no trouble syncing the splash screen. 
Have you tried doing a factory reset on the monitor?

OT Alert!

This monitor (the HP w2007) was new in January, and in March the 
two-color power LED quit. I called HP Tech Support and was walked 
through various procedures, only to have HP proclaim the monitor 
defective and offer to send a refurb to me. I opted to keep the broken 
unit, complete with its burned out light bulb.

Then I found the factory reset feature and clicked on it, and the power 
switch lit once again.

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