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Tony Baldwin wrote:
> Karl F. Larsen wrote:
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>> 	I wounder how many of the Linux users today understand where our
>> operating system came from and why. In 1969 some VERY smart Bell
>> Laboratory young men were asked to write a operating system that will be
>> better than all that came before it. They invented the C programing
>> language and went to work designing Unix. We that use Linux are all
>> using a Unix operating system today. It is still the most stable and
>> simple system ever done. Now the people using Unix are worried about How
>> Unix is your computer?
>> 	Now we hear people that argue that their Linux is better because it has
>> some feature not found in the other brands. We need to keep in mind that
>> we choose to use Unix because it is better even than the most popular
>> operating system in the world Windows.
>> 73 Karl
> While they are related, in various ways,
> Linux is not unix.
> And of course, Gnu is Not Unix, either.
> Linux was "derived" from Minix, a mini-unix, by Linux et al., but is a 
> distinct kernel.
> Take a look at this:
> http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_are_the_differences_between_Linux_and_Unix
> /tony
	Most of the things I have read do argue that Linux is a Unix-like
operating system. This it seems is a very narrow definition. If you
change anything, even as simple as a name change, then it is no longer a
Unix system.

	I prefer a more lax definition and if you have followed the kernel
development BEFORE our kernel was first designed for the Intel 386 style
CPU. The 386 was made for the Windows class of computer, and it was
interesting how much better the kernel was.

	The kernel and CPU were designed in pairs and cost a lot of money. And
a change in either was bad.

	The 386 was a great CPU from Intel and the Linux kernel allows us to
make a great Unix computer. The Unix design makes it safer and more
capable than a current Windows. I have always been amazed that Windows
didn't take Unix and run.

73 Karl

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