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Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Wed Jun 10 17:48:16 UTC 2009

> Thereafter, firefox really bogs down when opening multiple pages
> simultaneously - I do this a lot, say, when catching up with newsfox. In
> his case, it's normal for cpu to hit 75%+, the fans to kick in, and for
> the app to be completely unresponsive.

I can confirm that Firefox is a resource hog. Fx3 is a huge
improvement over Fx2, however it is still a pig. I don't really blame
the browser though, as I have over twenty extensions and at least as
many tabs open at any particular time.

> In addition, I use mouse gestures almost exclusively to control firefox.
> This is unproblematic in Windows, but is hit and miss with Ubuntu. It's
> hopeless when a page is loading, particularly when javascript is being
> used.

I have no problems with All-In-One gestures. I forgot what the other
mouse gestures addin was called, but it was problematic for me as

> Chrome doesn't have mouse gestures - shame! - but handles multiple page
> loading without a hiccup.

It does amaze me how responsive Chrome is, even with multiple tabs
open, even at this alpha stage. I suppose that is because each tab is
it's own process.

> So, subjectively, it feels at least an order of magnitude, let's say,
> more responsive.

Actually, I've learned that "feels like" is more important than benchmarks.

Dotan Cohen

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