Gathering wedding photos

Franz Waldmüller waldbauernbub at
Wed Jun 10 15:06:22 UTC 2009

Paul Sladen schrieb:
> On Wed, 10 Jun 2009, Franz Waldmüller wrote:
>> The task is to collect the pictures, [...] from a wedding
> The most realiable way I've seen to successfully collect large numbers of
> digital wedding photographs, is to have a laptop sat in the corner during
> the evening party.  Have someone techncially literate be in charge of the
> laptop (the types of people who enjoy looking after laptop, tend not to be
> into socialising/ dancing, so the combination tends to work quite well).
Thanks Paul for the Idea. Unfortunately I don't want to take care of the 
laptop. And as I don't know many people at this wedding I cannot tell 
somebody to do so.
> Using announcements, hinting, pre-warning and general cajoling of the
> guests, gradually lure them over one-by-one to the laptop corner.
The wedding takes place on friday and I don't want to interfer with the 
organisation. It seams like almost everything is prearranged.

> If you send a  link to them in an email,
> this should open in most browsers, and is likely to avoid any transcription
> problems. in the browser? If you mean the webbrowser this won't be very 
helpful to upload pictures. Or am I missing something?

> Most will be USB mass-storage, but some (eg. iPhones) will need gphoto2.
This fancy Linux Operating System which is on my laptop might steal the 
show of the bridal couple.
Cameras have
> also sorts of weird USB sockets.
Unfoutunately I have only one cable and I cannot start a shopping trip.

I still work on the ftp server, I hope I will manage this in time.

Thanks for your advice

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