Seahorse Delema

Tony Baldwin photodharma at
Wed Jun 10 15:00:46 UTC 2009

Mark Haney wrote:
> Karl F. Larsen wrote:
>> 	I was really pissed when some stupid software asked me to provide the
>> password for a Key Ring so I could start my computer! It got worse when
>> there were two Key Rings that needed passwords! That was when a kind
>> person on this list suggested Wicd.
> Geez, all that just to say you don't like starting seahorse from the
> CLI?  Wow.
> Why not just build a link in GNOME for Seahorse.  There are plenty of
> how tos to create your own menu item for applications.  I do it all the
> time in KDE and I've done it in the past in GNOME.

He's using KDE, iirc.
Of course, as someone else mentioned, adding it to the kmenu is trivial.
So is adding an icon to the desktop.


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