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Tony Baldwin photodharma at
Wed Jun 10 14:07:16 UTC 2009

Karl F. Larsen wrote:
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> 	I was really pissed when some stupid software asked me to provide the
> password for a Key Ring so I could start my computer! It got worse when
> there were two Key Rings that needed passwords! That was when a kind
> person on this list suggested Wicd.
> 	Now All my computers are using Wicd to start. As a fact to this date I
> attest that Wicd is simply worlds better than Network-Manager. It is
> faster and far less trouble.
> 	Back to Seahorse. I can only start seahorse from a Terminal. I have
> never seen it on Applications or System or places. Not at all sure where
> to look on KDE. I have a KDE 8.10 and may look for seahorse.
> 	But then came Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) and I was able to just get a
> good free version from the Ubuntu repositories done by the GNU. Then I
> was at a qwandry because I didn't know how it worked. I was directed to
> some EXCELLENT PDF books I d/l and read.
> 	One said to get on seahorse and view your Key Rings. I was about to be
> sick, but when I did start seahorse it was perfect. It showed me my
> system Key Rings and all the Public Key Rings I have collected. This is
> what Seahorse was written for! It is great for PGP.
> 	I will keep looking for a tab that loads Seahorse. I have learned to use:
> $ seahorse &
> because this lets me have the Terminal back...
you could just start it from the krun-dialog and keep your terminal 
free, too.  I think alt-f2 brings that up, and/or, it should be in the 
kmenu listed simply as "Run program" or "Run ..." or something, but I 
have no experience with the last few versions of kde...
and konsole has tabs, so, even if you locked one terminal up by 
forgetting the &, you could open another tab (or another terminal).

just a thought


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