A problem setting up Ubuntu

valhalla2100 at comcast.net valhalla2100 at comcast.net
Wed Jun 10 10:21:24 UTC 2009


I am having trouble re-installing Ubuntu. There is an installation 
from over a year ago. I did not use it for a while and forgot the 

Can someone give me information on how I can get rid of the old 
copy of Ubuntu (and maybe all that I installed since then)? 

I see that there is a version 9.xx. Have not been able to read any 
postings on it. Should I use that instead of version 8.10? It might 
not matter since I don't see any advantages of using Vista instead 
of XP. I just want to be able to use applications and access the 

Someone told me to do a new install. I have done this a few times 
and after the intallation and restart I get only the original listed on 
the selection screen (and Windows Vista, which I am trying to get 
away from using). 

I was sort of forced to make the switch because the Comcast 
provided version of McAfee did not block a trojan, which hosed up 
my other computer (learned several years ago to have a computer 
specifically for internet access because of such problems). I am 
sure that it was some trojan because two neighbors and a sales 
person told me that their computers stopped working around two 
weeks ago. 

Thanks in advance 

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