printing from VM

Alan Duval amoht at
Wed Jun 10 00:29:21 UTC 2009

> > I have installed Puppy Linux in a VM in VirtualBox and added my printer
> > but when I try to access the printer nothing happens. The same happens
> > with WIN XP installed in VirtualBox. How does one access the printer
> > from VirtualBox?

The printer needs to be shared on the host machine.

One quirk with my XP VM: I have to open an Explorer window (not
Internet Explorer - explorer.exe) in XP, and type \\mymachine in the
address bar.  At that point I'm prompted for my user/passwd.  From
then on, I can print (and any queued jobs will print).   I've never
bothered to track down why XP in the VM forgets my credentials...

Not sure on Puppy though.


What do I have to do to get my printer to be shared on the host machine?


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