Chrome on Ubuntu: Install it now, show interest in promoting companies to write Linux software!

Steven Susbauer steven at
Wed Jun 10 01:20:22 UTC 2009

christopher.lemire at wrote:
> Google bashes linux:

Saw this before. One employee is hardly Google, and they have a little
bit of a point with frustration over which GUI toolkit to use but I
don't think it's as big an issue as they make it. One of the big
problems, I think, is they want to break the mold of what the UI looks
like. I don't care if Linux Chrome looks like Windows Chrome (in fact I
would prefer it didn't, and looked more like a typical browser, plus the

I do not think the GUI toolkit argument has much merit either, they
mention how if they choose wrong between QT or GTK then they will
ostracize 50% of users, which I say is completely BS. Users are used to
having QT on their Gnome box and the opposite when it's called for.
Large numbers of Gnome users use VirtualBox, for example.

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