Devel update

Derek Broughton derek at
Tue Jun 9 23:57:52 UTC 2009

I know we promised weekly updates of what was happening on the devel lists, 
but that was right before the Jaunty release, and the next month was dead 
slow :-)

So things are starting to pick up, and the things that seem interesting to 
me are:

1) Starting imminently, all new installs of Karmic (and later) will default 
to using Grub2 (
June/008550.html), rather than Grub.  Beats me how significant that is, 
since I've never used Grub2 :-)  Along with this, though, there's talk that 
swap should be to swapfiles (I don't know why this is relevant to Grub2, but 
it's in the same thread), not partitions - unfortunately, this is still 
problematic for hibernation, so one hopes that will be considered (I, and 
Matt Price, have raised that issue).

2) Scott Remnant is promising to get Karmic+1 (ie, 10.04) booting in TEN 
seconds (
June/008505.html) - and he's not talking about getting your to your KDM/GDM 
prompt, he wants you to have a working desktop in that time.  It seems 
amazing, but if anybody can do it, Scott's "da Man".

Those were the substantive issues for this month.  Waaaay too much time was 
spent explaining to a single user why it really _is_ a good idea for apps to 
report byte counts in either powers of 10 (KB, MB, GB, TB) or powers of 2 
(KiB, MiB, GiB, TiB) and that _meaning_ powers of 2 but _writing_ KB, etc, 
was not a good idea.  And then there was the rant about Mono being EVIL.

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