Email problem

Linda haniganwork at
Tue Jun 9 23:35:53 UTC 2009

Derek Broughton wrote:
> Actually, you shouldn't have to set anything in dovecot.  The MTA - postfix, 
> or something similar - or MDA - in your case procmail) usually drops maildir 
> format mail in one of /var/mail/$USER/ or /home/$USER/Maildir/, and dovecot 
> checks both of those and uses either one (though somebody had a problem last 
> week where _both_ directories existed, and dovecot chose the wrong one!).  
> Procmail really should be dropping it's mail into ~/Maildir/.  I'm not 
> familiar with how procmail works, but note the trailing slash - that's 
> _usually_ necessary to deliver to maildir format folders, otherwise they go 
> to mbox files.  dovecot's INBOX is then ~/Maildir, and folders are either 
> ~/Maildir/.FOLDER or ~/Maildir/.INBOX.FOLDER, where the IMAP folder names 
> are the filename with the leading "." stripped, and any other "."s 
> specifying the folder hierarchy.
>> (makes sense since this is what the default config has)
>> however if mail that is not delivered to a subfolder in /%h/Mail by
>> procmail is delivered to ~/Maildir how does the new Mail in ~/Maildir
>> get accessed and moved from there to /%h/Mail/cur by firefox when it is
> Firefox isn't a mail client.  Thunderbird, perhaps?  In any case, your mail 
> client _doesn't_ move mail that's being handled by dovecot.  I'm saying that 
> the client quite possibly has files & folders in ~/Mail, but it reads the 
> messages from the IMAP server over IP sockets, and doesn't need to know 
> _where_ they're being stored.  So, I use KMail with IMAP, and my IMAP 
> folders are in ~/Maildir, and KMail keeps its own files in ~/Mail/ (drafts, 
> inbox - not the same as the IMAP inbox, outbox, sent-mail, spam, templates,  
> and trash).
Sorry it has been a long day, yes i meant Thuderbird. So it sounds like 
to solve my problems I need to move my IMAP structure and my procmail 
delivery to ~/Maildir/  and change the dovecot configuration to reflect 
this. I appreciate your help I'll play with a copy and see if I can get 
this to work. When I did the original setup I had /var/mail/$USER/ as 
the location for the IMAP  folders and could not get it to work thats 
why I changed it to /home/$USER/Mail so I guess I will give the 
/home/$USER/Maildir/ a shot.
                         Thank you so much for your help.

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