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>         > Just use festival! It is SO much better!
>         year, I think I've reached that piont too...
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> ok so when i type 
> festival --tts test.txt
> it tells me Linux: Can't open /dev/dsp
> what process is using it and how can i stop it?
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How is festival for the "Human" factor.  I had tried it before but was
JUST learning linux.  Now I am on a quest to convert pdf's to mp3, busy
life.  Currently, as mentioned in an earlier post I use espeak from the
repository and mbrola (which helps quite a bit in adding the human
feel.)  But with espeak I still get a decent voice with

espeak -a 120 -p 30 -s 190 -k 15 -g 12 -v english -m -w /tmp/tmp.wav -f
test_prose |mplayer /tmp/tmp.wav

options are: (espeak -h)
-a = amplitude
-p = pitch
-s = speed in words per minute
-k = adjust pitch for Capital letters
-g = word gap
-v = specific voice from list
-m = ignore hypertext tags
-w = create .wav file
-f = use this file for input

This should get you the package.
sudo apt-get install espeak

mbrola (from: ) did well on
creating a softer easier to listen to voice.  There website took a bit
to get around but once I found got the software and the "voice" it was
fairly easy to work with and use.  Espeak has voices which pair with
mbrola "dictionary" db.  If you would like a sample go to . I have put a chapter from linux study guide
there for you to try.

Fred R.

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something wrong."

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