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Tue Jun 9 17:48:01 UTC 2009

Tom Rausner wrote:
> Hi Folks.
> I've been playing a little with 'Say-Epos', 'cause I need some
> artificial speech for a sound-project. I don't seem to be able 
> to make it work and from what I've read on the web, I'm not the
> only one. Have any of you been able to make it work (-how did 
> you do it). If you have a suggestion for an other application 
> (one producing a GOOD quality speech in English) please tell me.
Well, I know that festival is a good choice for speech, if a bit hard to 
use. Install festival, then do either of the following:
To get festival to read out a message or a file to the speaker: make 
sure you have the package alsa-oss installed. Then, type one of the 
echo "Message" | aoss festival --tts
cat file | aoss festival --tts

(The aoss is necessary to make it use ALSA, otherwise if another program 
is using or used the speaker, it won't work).

If you want to convert it into a wav file:
text2wave file > outputfile.wav

Hope this helps!


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