Setting up apache web server behind a router

Marco Segreto msegreto at
Mon Jun 8 23:32:42 UTC 2009

I have Ubuntu 8.10 server set up on my network which is connect to the 
internet through a linksys router. I wanted to be able to access 
websites on my server but need to go through a port besides 80 because 
the router blocks this port. I've enabled port forewarding on port 8080 
on my router and have set up a static IP for my linux machine. When I 
try and connect to my server with it still times out. 
I'm pretty sure I set up everything correctly though.  Here's my 
ports.conf file in the apache2 folder:

   NameVirtualHost *:80
   Listen 80
   Listen 8080

<IfModule mod_ssl.c>
   Listen 443

I tried switching to VirtualHost *:8080 as well as changing it in the 
default file in the sites-available folder but it didn't work either. 
I've done this before on my Hardy system and I had no NameVirtualHost 
option so I'm not really sure why it's there now.

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