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Douglas Pollard wrote:
> Hi fgolks,
>     I bought my wife a Dell Ubuntu Netbook  it has
a 3.8Gig solid state 
> drive. ( No hard drive). It also has a dell
modified version of Ubuntu 
> to make it smaller.  I installed and updated for
ubuntu that installed 
> all the programs and files dell had removed from
the installed version. 
> Now I need to reinstall dells version from a CD as
the main drive is 
> full of files. The net book  does not have a cd
drive I'm thinking I 
> might be able to run the cd in my ubuntu computer 
and reinstall in 
> Ubuntu in the dell computer through a USB port. 
Does anyone have any 
> advice on this and how to do it??
	If you didn't backup your Netbook before fooling
around your now ready
to use the CD-Rom they sent you. I expect you didn't
get one. Better
call Dell and see if they can send you their smaller
one and then quit
playing with your wife's laptop.

73 Karl

Some of these NetBooks have a read-only partition
that contains a recovery program. On my eeePC you can
press one of the function keys (F6 or F9, cant
recall) while booting, it gives you a menu with the
option of reloading the default software set. Maybe
the Dell has the same feature.


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