SW to Create a Web Site

Piper pay_the_piper at shaw.ca
Mon Jun 8 19:13:52 UTC 2009

Thanks for the tip Ray. I may try it.

Here's how I got to this point. I was an active participant in yahoo list 
discussions but I discovered some "funny stuff" with these lists. Some 
emails did not get posted. A couple of lists I set up suddenly were 
unaccessible, ie I could no longer post to them. One was even stolen. It 
went on under somebody else's name. Questions/complaints to yahoo admin went 
mostly unanswered. I expect the yahoo servers are being "hacked". Just for 
illustration I am sending a cc to a list to which I can no longer post and 
yahoo won't reply to explain why.

So I have a few non-proprietary listserve programs now on a Linux machine 
which is being set up and I will "mirror" the troublesome yahoo lists. Since 
that machine will be online 24/7, the next Q is whether I can use it for WWW 
info. I was using geocities. I would put up text and sometimes scanned 
pictures to go with an email list discussion. Geocities is shutting down.

What about "Mailman" archives? Do they accept scanner pictures?

I don't want to go into the ISP business. I just want the kind of service I 
initially got from yahoo/geocities but no longer get.

With a Linux machine running online 24/7 and text/scanner material which I 
can leave open to the public on that machine I can achieve that.

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> Piper wrote:
>> Does anybody know of SW which is compatible with Ubuntu and can be used 
>> to
>> set up a WWW site on your own PC?
>> I was using Geocities but they are shutting down later this year so this
>> thought came to mind: maybe you can carry this same kind of information 
>> on a
>> Linux machine. I have used the Geocities WWW's only for text and scanned 
>> in
>> pictures, nothing too fancy.
>> Piper
> Hi Piper,
> Were I you, I'd do some research on running a local web server
> (software, like apache) on your own linux machine.  Once that's setup
> [1], the issue will be 'how do people get routed to my machine to see my
> website?'.  That can be done with some port forwarding (if you're a NAT
> lan) and dynamic DNS, but first things first.
> Have at the link below and see if its something you want to try.  In the
> example LAMP is an acronym for Linux Apache MySQL PHP (or Perl or
> Python).  Apache is the web server most often found in Linux.  MySQL is
> a database management system and PHP is a scripting language which works
> well with both Apache and MySQL, all are open source (after a
> fashion...I don't recall if there are license limits on MySQL, but
> they're free of fees, anyway).
> HTH,
> -Ray
> [1] http://www.howtoforge.com/ubuntu_lamp_for_newbies
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