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Pastor JW pastor_jw at the-inner-circle.org
Mon Jun 8 15:06:41 UTC 2009

On Monday 08 June 2009 6:53:05 am Muzer wrote:
> Anthony M. Rasat wrote:
> > shibukumar swaminthaan wrote:
> >> Any one help me what are the advantage of ubunthu 9.04
> >
> > For starter, really fast boot. I used to wait up to 6 minutes for this
> > cloudbook to boot, now 9.04 brought it under two minutes.
> Newer packages. Most significantly, OO.o3 (although that's outdated now
> that 3.1 is out - you'll have to wait for Karmic for that!)

Why would you say that?  My Open Office identifies itself as Version 
1:3.1.0-3ubuntu2~hardy1   build: 9399 and is of course on Hardy KDE.  I think 
the faster boot an advantage and if you want to call it an advantage, the eye 
candy is better.  Disadvantage is that KDE is still too unstable for me in 
Jackalope so I had to stay with Heron for function.  

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