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Anthony M. Rasat anthony.rasat at gmail.com
Mon Jun 8 14:27:43 UTC 2009

Tony Baldwin wrote:
>Anthony M. Rasat wrote:
>> shibukumar swaminthaan wrote:
>>> Any one help me what are the advantage of ubunthu 9.04
>> For starter, really fast boot. I used to wait up to 6 minutes for this cloudbook to boot, now 9.04 brought it under two minutes.
>Is that an Everex Cloudbook?

Correct. Sold in Indonesia under different brand, Zyrex Ubud. But it is a Cloudbook alright.

>I have one, with hardy herron, and it is slow to boot, and has a few 
>other issues (wifi constantly drops and I have to reconnect).

Well, Jaunty kernel didn't come with cpu-freq modules, I have to manually compile source codes from (1). Sometimes cloudbook completely frozen I had to hard-reboot. No idea why that happens. Oh, and last, ext4 filesystem really impress me in this cloudbook. MP3 copying won't bogged down whole system anymore.

Yep, I think Jaunty give better experience than Hardy in a cloudbook.

(1) http://www.a110wiki.de/wiki/CPU



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