vodafone internet key

Luca Ferrari fluca1978 at infinito.it
Mon Jun 8 13:14:48 UTC 2009

On Monday 01 June 2009 09:41:52 am Luca Ferrari's cat walking on the keyboard 
> Hi,
> I'm using kubuntu 9.04 and I've got a vodafone internet key (huwaei usb).
> With gnome the key works fine, but in kde 4.2 both knetworkmanager and
> networkmanager keeps saying that the connection is "preparing to connect".
> I've set up the broadband connection with the right number (*99#) and the
> APN (in italy it is web.omnitel.it) and, of course the pin. However, this
> are the same settings used in the gnome desktop where the key works. Any
> idea about?

I'm still having troubles. I've installed the vodafone program from betavine, 
but it works with a lot of patience. I have to launch it a first time, and it 
freezes during the boot. So I kill, relaunch and then it asks me for the pin. 
In the meantime the key lead start blinking in a different way (from 3 to 1 
blink). Again the program is frozen (the progress bar stays still). So I kill 
it again and launch it again. This time the vodafone "console" is shown, and 
the computer can connect to the network.
Anybody has an experience with that?

Moreover, I'm curious to know why networkmanager (that should be a gnome 
program ported to kde) works fine in gnome (and connect my vodafone card) while 
in kde cannot connect the card. The same happens with the wifi connections: 
they work fine in gnome and do not work in kde.

KNetworkManager cannot connect my vodafone key too, but does not say anything 
about any error.

Any clue?


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