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Cybe R. Wizard cyber_wizard at
Mon Jun 8 03:47:30 UTC 2009

On Sun, 7 Jun 2009 20:46:21 -0400
Hal Burgiss <hal at> wrote:

> Just for the record, effects / compiz does something with the Alt key
> combos such that turning effects 'off', does not restore Alt key
> functionality. At least, I'm pretty sure that's the culprit.

I'd like to go on record as thinking Compiz not to be the culprit.  I
enable/disable it several times a day (youtube won't run at full-screen
with it enabled) and have no problem with <Alt><tab> either way.  
There are several different application switchers under Window
Management in CCSM, the first of which, at least on my Hardy box
and CCSM 0.7.6-Oubuntu1~ppa1 from, is Application
Switcher and has the <Alt><Tab> keybinding.  Is it maybe disabled on
your machine?
The Static Application Switcher has the same default keybinding.  Are
both possibly enabled?  That would likely cause problems.
Personally, I keep the first one, Application Switcher, on for my wife
as she is used to it, and Stack Window Switcher for me which defaults
to <Super><Tab> and have no problems with either.  I'm interested to
find out what the real problem actually is.  Did you mention upthread
which Ubuntu you are using?

Cybe R. Wizard
When Windows are opened the bugs come in.

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