Wireless network, Ubuntu 8.10.

Johnny Rosenberg gurus.knugum at gmail.com
Sun Jun 7 16:35:17 UTC 2009

I'm really sorry to write here, because I really think I should be
able to solve this myself, but so far I failed badly…

I have a wired Internet connection and it works like it should. I
don't get the 100 Mb/s, but it's fast enough and I don't complain.

We have three computers. One laptop (the one I use right now) with
Ubuntu 8.10, one desktop PC, also with Ubuntu 8.10 and finally one Eee
PC 900 with Mandriva Linux Free 2009.1.

Every one of the computers have wireless network cards and now I
thought it would be nice if at least the two laptops (Ubuntu 8.10 and
Mandriva Linux Free 2009.1) could share folders and files, but I
really don't know where to start. I don't have a router or anything
and I don't want to connect the wireless stuff to the Internet since I
already have the Internet through the wired stuff.

Since I am a total novice, I started by left clicking the network icon
in the upper right corner and then click ”Create a new wireless
network…”. There was some stuff to input and then the icon started to
roll and then nothing more happened… After a while I was prompted for
my password again and so on. Since I don't know what is supposed to
happen I don't have a clue if this is correct so far and if I am
supposed to go to step 2 or something like that, or if I have a
problem already…

I thought that if someone would be so nice to give me the first steps
and tell me what should happen, and then I do that and verify that
what's supposed to happen really happens, then someone could be so
kind to give me the next step until the problem is solved. Does that
sound OK?

I really feel stupid writing here about such a thing, but I never
worked with networks before that didn't configure themselves, kind of…

I don't want to upgrade to 9.04 until an Xorg bug is corrected, since
there is a program that I use constantly that depend on it.

Kind regards

Johnny Rosenberg

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