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Sun Jun 7 12:15:41 UTC 2009

Graham Todd wrote:
> On Sat, 6 Jun 2009 22:28:06 -0700 (PDT)
> Yoji Atsumi <yoji.atsumi at> wrote:
>>     I do not have Seahorse installed I do not think. I am having 
>> problems I think because the only help is a man page. And I have no
>> idea what the system is doing most of the time. I thought I was
>> getting it to put the public key into a file but it failed. I can't
>> figure out why.
>>     If you know of any good help for this version please pass it
>> along.
>> 73 Karl
> [snipped]
> First of all, let me add my tuppence-worth. PGP and GPG both follow the
> OpenPGP standard, but PGP is developed wholly as a proprietary product
> without the command line, on the Windows platform.
> PGP has some "extras" I understand which fall outside the OpenPGP
> standard, whereas GPG is totally OpenPGP standards compliant.  I
> believe the last version of PGP to have a cli component was PGP 6.x.x,
> so if it comes up in the repositories, stay away from it - the latest
> version of GPG is both much more secure and stronger in its
> cryptography.
> Secondly, as a place to go to get help with GPG, I'd look to the
> PGP-Basics yahoogroup.  Its very Windows-centric but as GPG can be used
> in Windows, there are a number of excellent documents on site, and of
> course people to "hold your hand" through complex matters.  Or there
> used to be (I am no longer a Moderator there, but some people there
> were professional security experts).  You can find it at:
    Well thank you, I went to the yahoo group and joined. I already see 
some Linux talk.

73 karl


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