Installing an OS in VirtualBox

pkaplan1 pkaplan1 at
Sat Jun 6 13:18:22 UTC 2009

If you're trying to install a test distro as a virtual machine in VB, you need 
create a new virtual machine (from within VB) and configure that machine 
(within the machine's settings) to use the CD drive (or an iso file) at boot 
time.  Start the VM and follow the on screen prompts.  The formatted 
partitions will be within the VM, which exists as a file on your native machine 
and is readable only(?) by VB.

Booting a live CD in VB is the same idea.  Accept the distros defaults and 
the partitioning will occur in the virtual machine.

The VB instructions are pretty clear.

On Saturday 06 June 2009 08:43 alan duval wrote:
> Thanks for your help. I was able to get the kernel version and then
> downloaded and installed VirtualBox. As a trial I then made a VM and ran
> Puppy Linux from a live CD. I then tried to install it but it wanted to
> use GParted to make a partition and I wasn't sure what this would do to
> my host OS. Hence I didn't go ahead. As most Linux distros also want to
> format partitions when installing, how does one proceed when this point
> is reached?
> Alan Duval

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