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Steve Cook yorvik.ubunto at googlemail.com
Fri Jun 5 22:50:20 UTC 2009

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norman wrote:
>>> I was unable to empty the Deleted items file using Ubuntu 8.10 so
>>>  I have just upgraded to 9.04 and the problem is still there. I 
>>> have just checked and, to my horror, there are over 17.000 items
>>>  there. Please advise me on how to rectify this problem.
>> We'd probably need to know more information. Are you using POP or 
>> IMAP? Which provider? stuff like that... For instance, deleting 
>> stuff with POP from your ISP can be different from deleting stuff 
>> with gmail and IMAP.
> I did some research and found that I am not the only user to have 
> encountered this problem and it was suggested by removing this file 
> the problem could go away:- ~/.evolution/mail/local/folders.db. Being
>  ignorant in such matters I am reluctant to do this unless I can be 
> sure I would not lose those messages which are in folders I want to 
> keep. Have you any idea whether it would be safe to take this step, 
> please?
> Norman
Not sure if it’s safe or not. Why not rename the file rather than delete
it.  Then if it doesn’t solve the problem, or creates a problem it can
be recovered.

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