GeForce 6100

Willis Taylor th1bill at
Fri Jun 5 17:48:38 UTC 2009

I purchased a new Motherboard/Processor Combo for my daughter and I need
help if anyone can please.  The specs are;
Motherboard......BioStar MCP6P M2+
RAM..............4 gb DDR2
Processor........AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ Socket AM2

The mainboard has nVida 6100 nForce 430 rev a2) for VGA compatable
controller.  With a fresh install, 8.04, I have a Screen Resolution of
800 x 600.  If I go System>Administration>Hardware Drivers I find the
NVIDA accelerated graphics driver listed but not enabled.

When I enable the driver and reboot the best Screen Resolution I have is
640 x 480.  I really need to get to at least 1024 x 768 for the work she
does.  The following is quoted from a gentleman in Australia who had the
same problem but I do not understand his solution and he has gone to
Hi Bill,

The way that I solved this problem was to uninstall the nvidia kernel
modules (I don't have Ubuntu infront of me right now, so I can't give
full instructions), but it was the full package manager, or something
like that. I did a search in it for everything with 'nvidia' in its
name, and removed all those packages. And I downloaded the nvidia kernel
modules (from memory it was from the nvidia website). After uninstalling
the modules, rebooting, and then installing the new nvidia kernel
modules (you had to do some tricks like ctrl + F7 or something to get it
to do a full screen prompt), I had it mostly working. After that I had
to sudo into the nvidia contorl panel and make the changes to the
resolution as default (if you don't sudo into it, it won't save the
changes for the default). It was all a bit of a headache, but when I
upgraded Ubuntu I had to do it again, but atleast this time I knew what
I was doing :)

Just a few quick things:
-feel free to post the description above on the forums (just don't post
my email address!), might help other people, and if you need anything
explained to you, other forum users might be able to decode my
description to give you more help
-My windows machine died, so I'm switching harddrives when I use it to
program, but I can only use one comp at a time, thus the kind of
simplistic descriptions
-I'm going to bed now, it's nearly midnight in Sydney. But email back if
you've got any problems, or post (and maybe include my description) on
the forums!

Can anyone help with this?  I'm on my third day of reading documentation
and I'm as lost as when I began.

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