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2009/6/5 shali Kallumpuram <vidyaserveradmin at>:
> Dear all,
> i need to connect a network printer in a computer lab, i connected Epson
> printer in a ubuntu machine and its working fine,now i need to connect all
> other machines in the lab to the this printer, all the machines in  the lab
> are Ubuntu 9.04, any sugessions ???
> Thanking You
> Shali
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To connect a network printer to a LAN the printer needs an ip address.

The 99% of printers use dhcp to get an ip so if you have a dhcp server
on your LAN
just print  the configuration page and you will get the ip address
assigned to you printer.

If you don't have a dhcp server the printer should have a "default"
address so you have to
set your pc network interface to adapt to the printer interface .

Now you can connect to the printer through a web browser and set a
static ip address to use in your LAN


share the printer from your pc and connect it from other pc
with this solution your pc has to be always running to be able to print

Matteo Filippetto

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