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yoji.atsumi at yahoo.com yoji.atsumi at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 4 23:23:09 UTC 2009

Hi folks,

I just started using ubuntu 9.0.4.  I think I have pretty much all
I wanted.  Except...

I can't get X11 display to come my ubuntu.  For clarisy, I will
call the machine I am talking about (running ubuntu 9.0.4)
U.  I can issue "xclock" command from U and the clock comes
to the screen.  No problem.

Now, I ssh to a different host, running redhat, and I will call
this machine R.  Here's what I have done:
On U,
  I issue "xhost +"
On R,
  I export DISPLAY variable as xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:0.0.  Then issue
  "xclock" command
What I get on R is:
  Error: Can't open display: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:0.0
Of course, nothing comes to U's screen.

Would somebody please advise me as to what cure there is,
what stupidity I have committed, etc?



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