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Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at
Thu Jun 4 11:35:58 UTC 2009

Amichai Rotman wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am using Ubuntu exclusively since version 6.10. My fellow Linuxers tried
> to lure me to other distros (Fedora Core, Suse) and I always defended
> Ubuntu's philosophy and the fact it is based on Debian (.deb based distro).
> I also prefer KDE, since it is more configurable and powerful (in my
> opinion) than Gnome.
> Since I've upgraded my Kubuntu box from 8.04 to 8.04 (over the Internet) I
> am, sadly,  having doubts regarding my future with Ubuntu.
> I really liked the new KDE 4.2 desktop look and feel, except the Update
> Manager - it reminds me of the Microsoft's Windows Update too much (down to
> the icon theme): It looks like the Microsoft's version and it acts like it -
> I just click on the Apply Changes and it updates the system - without asking
> me for my sudo password....
> My USB-connected devices stopped working. Maybe I am doing something wrong:
> I have a Nokia E71 smart phone, a Cannon Powershot A520 (auto detected as
> Cannon Inexs 50 in PTP Mode) and a Cannon Lide 20 flatbed Scanner.
> All of these worked perfectly in 8.04.
> Since I moved to 9.04 - none of the work:
> I used to be able to send files to my phone from Konqueror by right-clicking
> the file and choosing Send via Bluetooth from the context menu - no more.
> I used to be able to scan using Kooka - now, neither Scanlite nor XSane are
> able to find my scanner. Kooka used to pop up a message asking me to choose
> the scanner from a list containing only one option...
> I used to download my pictures using DigiKam by plugging in the camera,
> choosing the pictures, click Download Selected or Download All and choose
> the destination folder. Now it reads the pictures from the camera but when I
> try to download them, after choosing the folder, it flashes the progress bar
> for tenth of a second and... that's it, nothing hapens, no error or anything
> else. The only change being a No Entry icon at the top right side of the
> picture thumbnail in the preview window.
> I also have an Asus EeePC 1000HE running EeeBuntu NBR, based on Ubuntu 9.04.
> I was able to download my pictures there using Gnome. I was able to send
> files to my phone via Bluetooth, although it is very cumbersome and
> unfriendly.
> I would also like to use my phone as a3G GSM modem with my Asus Eee via USB,
> but when I plug the phone and choose PC Suite Mode on the phone, as
> instructed by the guides I found, nothing happens and when I execute 'lsusb'
> and 'dmesg' in a console, nothing shows up.
> I would like to stress the following: This is not a ranting e-mail saying
> "Sionarra Ubuntu" or "You stink!" - on the contrary!
> I have the utmost respect for the Ubuntu community and the Ubunu philosophy.
> I want solutions for these issues so I could continue using Ubuntu. These
> tasks are critical for me - thus a deal breaker.
> I thought I'd start by re-installing Kubuntu 9.04 from scratch and see if
> that solves part of the problems. I am not too sure it will work, since it
> seems most of the issues are KDE related. It seems to me KDE 4.2 isn't
> finished yet, like it's still in beta - take Amarok 2.0, for instance: A lot
> of features that we used to have in 1.4.x are not present. I have a lot more
> crashes and the error messages are not informative at all (something like
> "KBluetooth4 was unable to send the file" or something along those lines...
> Again, it reminds me of Microsoft Windows too much - and it saddens me.
> I used to have a lot of power using KControl - now the System Settings
> application is very basic and not versatile enough...
> I hope someone out there can point me in the right direction. If these KDE
> issues can't be solved, I'll try to install Ubunu (Gnome) but I really don't
> like the look and feel of it. KDE has much more power. Maybe there's a
> "Welcome to KDE 4.2" kind of guide...
> I apologize for the looong e-mail, Thank you for your patience!
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    I hope you still have your 8.04 to use while you figure out how to 
get 9.04 working. I am using the Gnome version of 9.04 and it does not 
remind me of Windows. In fact it  is along departure from Windows.

    I decided to see what KDE looks like and put KDE 4.1 onto my 8.10 
and tried it. Then I went to my wife's Windows XP and the similarity was 
there. I do not like KDE because I think it is strange the way it works. 
Alt-Tab for god's sake :-)

73 Karl


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