Delete Images from Digital Camera

Linda haniganwork at
Wed Jun 3 21:54:01 UTC 2009

Matt Harrison wrote:
>> I see that others solved your problem. Just for your information, you
>> should regularly use the camera menu and reformat the memory card. I
>> have taken several digital photography classes and the professional
>> photographers that teach them all stress that you get into the habit of
>> doing this. They tend to push for just do it every time, but seem to
>> agree at least every third time.
>>                       Linda
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> Did they provide a logical reason for doing this?  I'm curious as to
> their reasoning for this.
> -Matt
Several reasons, the delete choices often leave things behind that 
clutter your memory card  and reduce the numbers of pictures it will 
hold, it makes sure the file structure and data are clean so you avoid 
errors or corrupted files and  related to that it makes the memory card 
more reliable less likely to have a corrupted card that is unreadable. 

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