Clearwire, compatiable with Ubuntu?

Lorenzo Taylor daxlinux at
Wed Jun 3 19:47:00 UTC 2009

I have Clearwire here and it works quite well with Ubuntu. Clearwire on a 
desktop is a flat-looking box somewhat similar to a cable modem that plugs into 
a power outlet and into the computer's ethernet port. It supports DHCP so that 
the computer will get an IP address using a standard protocol. This means that 
it is in fact compatible with any OS that attempts to use the ethernet port to 
access the internet and obtain an IP address via DHCP, which is just about all 
of them. A laptop with a Clearwire PC card is the only thing that may be 
problematic for Ubuntu users, since Clearwire claims that the PC card only works 
on Windows-based laptops. That, however, just like so many other things, may not 
actually be a problem, since so many things run on Linux but apparently want the 
general public to think otherwise.

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