Delete Images from Digital Camera

Linda haniganwork at
Wed Jun 3 18:59:47 UTC 2009

Matt Harrison wrote:
> Here is a question I have been kicking around Google looking for an 
> answer for.  In Windows, with my digital camera, when I plug it in it 
> will import the pictures and I have the option to have it delete all 
> of the pictures it imported as well.  Is there a way to do this in 
> 9.04 that anyone knows of?  I don't think much will be needed in the 
> way of machine specs and such, but if anything more is needed, I will 
> provide as I can.
> Thanks
> -Matt
I see that others solved your problem. Just for your information, you 
should regularly use the camera menu and reformat the memory card. I 
have taken several digital photography classes and the professional 
photographers that teach them all stress that you get into the habit of 
doing this. They tend to push for just do it every time, but seem to 
agree at least every third time.

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