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Tony Baldwin photodharma at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 18:03:39 UTC 2009

Douglas Pollard wrote:
> I have a linksys wireless card that I have messed with off and on for a  
> week.  Ubuntu can't see it. Ihave been in terminal  and have found no 
> sign that it exists.  Have tried installing drivers,  Widows drivers, 
> nothing from any of that.  Is there a way to find out  that it might be 
> faulty  or that it works at all.    I have thought about plugging it 
> into a different computer  but that seems kind of extreme .   Any 
> help??    
>                                                             Thanks,   Doug

Gosh Doug,

I think I would plug it into another machine.
I have a pcmcia Linksys wireless card on my laptop with jaunty, and 
there are no issues. (ancient ibm a21m stinkpad..runs great! 
750-mhz/512mb ram)
I did have to install the ndiswrapper drivers to make it work, but, even 
before installing the driver, the presence of the card, at least, was 
listed in pcmcia devices connected to the machine (ie. it was detected).

good luck,

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