Stephen stephen_o at
Wed Jun 3 13:55:12 UTC 2009

chuck wrote:
> I do not have a DVD burner. I just double clicked the .iso file in Vista and 
> the burning software launched. I goes through its motions and then tells me 
> it cannot put 702 mb on a 700 mb cd.
> As I stated earlier, I have downloaded and installed magiciso, a virtual cd 
> rom emulator, that allows mounting the ISO as if it were a cd in a real 
> cd-rom. My question, can I run the Ubuntu install from Vista, or mist I burn 
> the .iso to a real cd and boot from it?
> Chuck in E. TN
I had trouble with my operating system cd writer withing an iso file to 
a dvd. I kept getting the message that the media in the drive was wrong. 
It was a 700 megabyte file that I was trying to write to a DVD.

I found MagicISO which also allows you to create disk images. I just 
used magic iso to burn the disk. I didn't have any problems and even 
burned a 710 megabyte disk image that I created to a 700 megabyte disk. 
It used some sort of over burn to do it.


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