Problem to create extended partition in 8.04 lts

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> Dear friends,
>                  When i am installing new ubuntu 8.04 lts in my pc
> than It
> is not showing any option to create extended partition.How can i
> create it.
> I have 350 GB hard disk. I want to create extended partition in hard
> disk .
> I know that command line (terminal) process. Is there any way to
> create
> extended partition in GUI when we install frash ubuntu 8.04 LTS.
> -- 
> Regards
> Jitendra Jha
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> Hotwax Media Inc., Indore
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Normally it just happens automatically when you do a manual partitioning
during the install process. First three are primary and usually when you
make the fourth or fifth partition the extended partitions start.  If
you want to establish prior to install then a live disk or thumb drive
is the only way I know of so as to have all your *blank* partitions show
up during install.


ps. sorry for the double post.  Forgot to change the subject.

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