64Bit installation on a 500 GB Sata DRIVE

Rod James Bio rjubio at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 06:54:29 UTC 2009

Thanks for the response. I am looking at the hardware now. Must have 
been hardware problems from the start. Just good to confirm that there 
are no compatibility issues.


Fred Roller wrote:
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>> We've been doing an installation on this LTSP Server we are trying to 
>> build. Somehow in while formatting the 500 GB HD the partitioning 
>> process is stock in 33%. Can anyone suggest if there are limitations
>> or 
>> problems?
> I have built a 4 Tb server (4 x 1 Tb sata) with 64bit and my laptop has
> a combined total of 570 Gb between two drives on a 64bit desktop ubuntu.
> Though I do a manual partition during installation, everything else is
> default.
> Normally I create a 40Gb OS partition and leave the rest for after the
> build.  The manual partition is to save time (alot) during the install
> process.  Once completed I can run fdisk to partition the remainder then
> mkfs.ext3 or whatever is needed to format, and finally adjust the fstab
> to mount at boot, say mount on directory /Data.  Safer for the data as
> well, don't lose data if you have to rebuild and symbolic links take
> care of tying the information into the rest of the system.
> Fred

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