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Tony Baldwin photodharma at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 02:19:37 UTC 2009

NoOp wrote:
> On 06/02/2009 06:41 PM, Tony Baldwin wrote:
>> Karl F. Larsen wrote:
>>>     Good luck! You need the Internet to CARRY your sftp from one 
>>> computer to the other. By the way I have the ssh demon running on all my 
>>> computers so I can ssh TO the computer or sftp a file or two off the 
>>> computer. If your miles apart sftp is much safer than ftp which even I 
>>> know how to read :-)
>>> 73 Karl
>> I use sshfs to mount my /home from my main box to move files to/from my 
>> laptops.
>> I use plain vanilla ftp to load files to my webhosting accounts, since I 
>> don't have shell access and can't use ssh or scp, etc.
>> be well,
>> tony
> You can easily use sftp from the 'Places|Connect to Server|Service Type
> = SSH|Server = IP address|Connect. That will mount the remote (providing
> of course that you have ssh on both systems) in both a Nautilus window
> and as a mount icon on your desktop.

Places, what?
What is that?

Icons on my desktop?

I don't use gnome (or kde).  I don't use a gui filemanager.
I don't have icons on my desktop, a panel with little applets to hold my 
hand, etc.  Sorry.

I don't have shell access (read can't ssh) to my webhosting accounts.
That means I can't ssh to them, sftp to them or scp to them.
The hosts don't offer that (cheap hosting...what can I say).
Nothing I copy to them really needs securely protected, anyway, since 
it's all html files and images, etc. that I am openly publishing on my 
I do, however, mount my home box (which does need secured, as it has all 
kinds of confidential stuff from clients I'm not even allowed to 
mention) with sshfs all the time...without clicking any icons.

sshfs mydydns.domain.net:/home/me /media storage

This allows me to get files from the home box while on my laptop at the 
local coffee shop, for instance, when I get tired of working in my 
office and decide oggling female Yale students would be a nice 
break...but still need to get work done.

I only keep an sshd running on the main box, since I can then mount the 
/home to the laptops and move stuff around that way.  I never ssh to the 
laptops from the home box, just the other way around, since if I'm at 
home with the home box, I have the laptop here, anyway, but if I'm away 
with the laptop, I need ssh to access the main box.   Although, now that 
I think of it, having access to the laptops via ssh would be handy if, 
for instance, anything ever happend to their displays or keyboards, and 
I couldn't access information on them otherwise....hmmmm...maybe I 
should turn on an sshd on them...

Thanks for your attention.


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