Fresh 9.04 install - no "Ubuntu" splash

Mark Kirkwood markir at
Tue Jun 2 23:38:17 UTC 2009

Until now I've gotten to 9.04 via dist-upgrade from 8.10 - without problems.

Yesterday I did my first fresh install of 9.04. In addition, the 
hardware was one of those that needs a bit of TCL to get to work:

- Asus A8V-X
- WD SE2 320G 7200RPM SATA2

This needed "pci=nomsi" added to the grub boot line to see the disk at 
all (well known issue with hybrid PCI/PCIe boards). In addition the WD 
disk needed to be jumpered to SATA150 to prevent random stalls and 
timeouts (and disk corruption) occurring. Those of you reading between 
the lines will realize that I got to do at least 2 installs [1].

So, after sorting the above issues,  a functioning system was arrived at 
- with one glitch: no "Ubuntu" splash image whilst booting. I've done 
the obvious:

1/ md5sum of the .iso (ok)
2/ run "update-grub" - and while it states "Searching for splash image 
... none found"... my upgraded from 8.10 systems say the same thing (and 
they do show the image).

Any ideas?



[1] Actually did 3 - thought I'd be clever and try ext4 on everything 
except /boot... got immediate root filesystem corruption on restart. 
However I'm not sure if this really was ext4's problem, as the disk was 
still jumpered to SATA300 at that stage...

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