HAL has lost some Wacom settings

Dave M G martin at autotelic.com
Tue Jun 2 16:22:38 UTC 2009

Ubuntu Users,

In previous versions of Ubuntu, I had my xorg.conf file set up so that 
my Wacom tablet was exactly how I like it.

In particular, I had it so that the pen would only work in one of my two 
monitors. In xorg.conf, the relevant lines looked like this (edited down 
a bit just to show the important sections):

Section "InputDevice"
Identifier     "stylus"
Option         "Twinview" "Horizontal"
Option         "ScreenNo" "0"

But now, those lines have been commented out by "HAL", like so:

# commented out by update-manager, HAL is now used
#Section "InputDevice"
#Identifier     "stylus"
#Option         "Twinview" "Horizontal"
#Option         "ScreenNo" "0"

HAL works fine mostly. My Wacom has pressure sensitivity and works 
mostly as I would expect.

But my pen (the stylus and eraser) is no longer constrained to one 
monitor as I would like.

I tried uncommenting the relevant lines in xorg.conf, and that caused 
graphics to not load on boot.

So what do I do to get HAL to match the settings I had in my previous 

Thank you for any advice.

Dave M G

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