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Tue Jun 2 14:10:54 UTC 2009

chuck wrote:
> I already have dual boot with Vista Home premium and XP Pro on my Compaq Presario Laptop. I want to add Ubuntu for an upcomming job to get familiat. Do I follow the tutorial on installing with Vista already installed or do I need other options? I really need to keep Vista and XP Pro functional.
> Chuck
    Hi Chuck it should be easy IF Ubuntu will load. I suggest getting 
the Jaunty LiveCD and run it WITHOUT loading first to see how well it is 
going to work.

    Then if the test looks good go to System-Administration-Partition 
maker and run that and actually make a new partition for Ubuntu, about 
20 GB and a Swap Partition of 3 GB.

    When you load Ubuntu put it in the partition and let the Grub boot 
loader load all three systems.

    Have fun.

73 Karl


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