Epson Artisan wireless printer

Verde Denim tdldev at
Tue Jun 2 04:19:18 UTC 2009

I just got this Epson Artisan 800 network printer hooked into my home
network - works really well (for my school laptop and my girlfriends work
I'd like to get my ubuntu server to print to it.
I found drivers for it at Linux foundation, but there is a caveat that I'm
not sure of -
It says it has x86 64 bit packages as RPM for LSB 3.1, and DEB for LSB 3.2
and LSB 3.3

The instructions say to install the LSB package before installing the first
driver package.
It goes further to say that most recent distributions of Linux are LSB

How do I find out which version of the driver I should download?
I'm running 8.04 LTS server.

Thanks for the guidance...

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