intrepid sound issues

JAY HOPPA cow2toxic at
Tue Jun 2 00:18:25 UTC 2009

On Mon, Jun 1, 2009 at 7:33 PM, JAY HOPPA <cow2toxic at> wrote:
>> I am running Unbuntu 8.10 which I used to be able to hear sound.? I now have
>> no sound, line-in, or line-out. and also no headphone sound. Sound is
>> not-muted, volume is up. it recognizes my sound card and it used to work.i
>> have looked over past posts and do not know what to do. Any? other info
>> needed?

>Please disable HTML when addressing this list. (Use plain text.)

>Open a terminal and type

>amixer | grep off

>If that command outputs anything at all, it means at least a mixer
>control is muted.

>If this is the case, write in a terminal


>Look at the 3rd line in the upper left corner.

>It should show

>View: [Playback] Capture All

>Press the tab key as many times you need (usually 2) to get to the "All" tab.

>Your line should look like:

>View: Playback Capture [All]

>Now look at the 'mixers' below. If there is any mixer that has "MM"
>below it, it means it's muted. All mixers should show "00" below.

>Use the <right> and <left> arrow keys to switch through the mixers.
>When you reach the one(s) labeled "MM" below, press the "M" key on
>your keyboard. "MM" will turn into "00". You've unmuted the mixer.

>If the volume (designated by the colored squares: white, red and
>green) for that mixer is too low, use the <up> arrow key to adjust it.

>When you've cycled through all mixers and un-muted them (and adjusted
>their volume), press escape to exit alsamixer.

   Thanks for the fast response Alexandria, and sorry for the HTML format.

I followed your instructions, after View All I have a window with master and capture,
00 under master, nothing under capture.
I toggled around like you said but could not get 00 nor MM under the capture bar.

Next I went to system>preferences>sound, every thing is set  is set to auto detect
except for default mixer tracks. That was shown as  Audigy 4 [SB0610] (Alsa).

Trying the test buttons still resulted in no sound through speakers or headphones.
I also tried the other option in the pull down menus with the same results.

Going so far as to pull the card out and put it in a windows box, yes it is a working card.



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