nVidia GE Force 6200 Turbo Cache video problems

Ronnie priswell at comcast.net
Mon Jun 1 23:15:08 UTC 2009

	Thanks Paul for responding again.

>>Please try harder to get running without X starting.<<

	This list has not been my first stop. Internet searches, the Ubuntu
forum and irc have also been on my routing slip. My determination and
tenacity to succeed are not in short supply. However, my knowledge is.
It's been fairly difficult to implement instructions that I either
barely understand or don't understand at all. Some of the help was less
complete that what you offered, so I didn't know how to use it.

>>I'm somewhat inclined to think you should just re-install and get it
right. <<

	Done that a few times, too, and this was a fresh install.

	That being said, I got some positive results this go-around, and I
think I've been able to put together a fairly decent string of what to
do, when, so here's an update:

	Paul, your reminder to run the 

sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

was the first step. I'd run that before, but it only occurred to me this
time around what it was doing. Running the reconfigure gave me a desktop
that I could actually see. 

>>I have no idea what you mean "booted to desktop", that seems to imply
X11 is working, but you said it doesn't.<<

	This is the sign-on screen that I had before:


I knew enough to sign in with my name first and password second, and
then it would bring me to another variation of what you see there for my
"desktop". Then I'd Ctrl-Alt-F3 to the console so I could run the
reconfigure, despite the crippled nature of the console. However, after
running reconfigure, I got at least a low-graphics mode desktop. From
there, I installed the 180 modaliases, which gave me the ability to
install the restricted drivers from the System > Administration menu.
After a reboot, it worked. I'm still having some problems with things
flickering and/or the screen freezing up - and if anyone has any
comments about that, it would be welcome, but things are better. In any
case, your contributions really helped me to piece together what needed
to be done to get things working.

	I didn't use the information regarding the single-user mode this time
around. I understood what you said the first time you suggested it, but
it just didn't respond. But I will re-read the link you sent and try it
out later now that things are working better, 'cause it sounds like
something I need to know how to do.

	Anyway, thanks.

"Remember, in the battle between the rock and the river, the river
always wins, because the river just keeps at it."

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