ffmpeg for mass conversion

Emil Payne EHSPayne at angelwoodpines.org
Mon Jun 1 22:38:23 UTC 2009

jdd wrote:
> Haneef Bashir a écrit :
>> i have some audio files in rm format i want to convert using ffmpeg
>> can anyone tell me what is the command for mass conversion?
> my script to convert all wav to mp3. ffmpeg works mostly the same
> ........
> #!/bin/sh
> for i in *.wav
> do
> NAME=`basename "$i" .wav`
> lame -h -v "$i" "$NAME.mp3"
> done
> ........
> jdd

I use the DownloadHelper extension in Firefox.  I point the browser to a 
local directory and then right-click and select download helper and 
then, when the file manager box opens, select all the files I want to 
convert and tell it what  to convert them into.  Works great that way. 
I recently converted a whole mishmash of video files all over to AVI 
format.  And I sometimes convert videos to MP3s.  You have to go back 
and delete the old files later though.


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