intrepid sound issues

Alexandra Zaharia f0rg3r at
Mon Jun 1 17:40:23 UTC 2009

On Mon, Jun 1, 2009 at 7:33 PM, JAY HOPPA <cow2toxic at> wrote:
> I am running Unbuntu 8.10 which I used to be able to hear sound.  I now have
> no sound, line-in, or line-out. and also no headphone sound. Sound is
> not-muted, volume is up. it recognizes my sound card and it used to work.i
> have looked over past posts and do not know what to do. Any  other info
> needed?

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Open a terminal and type

amixer | grep off

If that command outputs anything at all, it means at least a mixer
control is muted.

If this is the case, write in a terminal


Look at the 3rd line in the upper left corner.

It should show

View: [Playback] Capture All

Press the tab key as many times you need (usually 2) to get to the "All" tab.

Your line should look like:

View: Playback Capture [All]

Now look at the 'mixers' below. If there is any mixer that has "MM"
below it, it means it's muted. All mixers should show "00" below.

Use the <right> and <left> arrow keys to switch through the mixers.
When you reach the one(s) labeled "MM" below, press the "M" key on
your keyboard. "MM" will turn into "00". You've unmuted the mixer.

If the volume (designated by the colored squares: white, red and
green) for that mixer is too low, use the <up> arrow key to adjust it.

When you've cycled through all mixers and un-muted them (and adjusted
their volume), press escape to exit alsamixer.

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